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Tooth Protection

Good oral health ensures that your teeth and gums remain bright and healthy for years to come.

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Teeth Whitening

Bleaching methods use carbamide peroxide which reacts with water to form hydrogen peroxide loremis

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Cosmetic Dentistry

There are only 2 dental specialties that only focus on dental esthetics: Prosthodontics and Orthodontics

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Welcome to Art Dental Studio

High Care State of the Art Dental Care Facility

Our patients just love the cozy and caring environment we deliver to each of them.
Dr. Menendez and her amazing staff are always there with you from the moment you
step through the door until you are finished with your treatment.

We pride ourselves in offering high quality dental care services!

Call us for an appointment and turn your next dental checkup into
a pleasant experience.

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Our Dental Services


General dentistry is a branch of dentistry which deals with the study, diagnosis, and management of the teeth, gums and related areas like…

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Preventive dentistry helps you maintain oral hygiene the right way and avoid dental complications – it does not matter whether…

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If you’ve crooked or missing teeth, you need to go in for restorative dentistry – it includes everything from Endodontics, Periodontics to Prosthodontics.

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A stunning, beautiful smile is a wonderful asset, we want our patients to experience the joy of having a healthy and beautiful smile. We are…

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